Taking Your Measurements

Measurement diagram

Below are the measurement descriptions, please take accurate measurements to ensure your garment fits perfectly, if you have any questions please contact Olga.

1. Neck Base Girth

Measure around the base of the next and apply the tape measure fairly losely.

2. Across Front

Measure approximately 10cm down from the shoulder line.

3. Bust Girth

Place the measuring tape around the fullest part of the bust. The tape must be horizontal at the back. This measurement must be taken tightly.

4. Waist Girth

Tie a cord around the waist and let it settle at the narrowest part. Take this measurement firmly.

5. High Hip Girth

The landmark is the iliac crest, which is positioned approximately 8-10cm below the waist. This is a critical measurement for tight skirts.

6. Hip Girth

Place the tape measure around the fullest part of the hip. Use the hip bone as a guide. This measurement should be taken firmly.

7. Front Shoulder to Waist

Take the measurement from the front shoulder down to the waist where the cord has been tied.

8. Nape of Neck to Waist

Locate the nape or seventh cervical vertebra on the back. Measure down to the waist.

9. Across Back

Approximately 10cm down from the shoulder line.

10. Body Girth Front and Back

Measure from the front of the shoulder around the body and finish on the back shoulder line.

11. Armhole Girth

This measurement must be taken from the front shoulder point down to the armhole line.

12. Underarm Length

Position the tape measure to the highest point of the underarm and measure down the underarm to the wrist bone.

13. Wrist Girth

Use the bone at the wrist as a landmark. Measure fairly tightly.

14. Upperarm Girth

Measure tightly around the fullest part of the bicep.

15. Inside Leg Measurement

The measurement taken from groin down to the floor.

16. Skirt Length

The measurement taken from the waist line down to the desired skirt length.

17. Shoulder

Measure from the lowest level of neck to the bone at the end of the shoulder.