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Olga designed and made by daughters beautiful figure skating competition dress. Brilliant professional and prompt service with outstanding attention to detail, wouldn't ask anyone else to make her future dresses, a truly talented lady. Thank you!

Ice Skating Costume

Ice Skating Dress

We've known Olga since 2007, and she has been both the designer and maker of all of our daughter Eleanor's dresses for the last 7 years.

The incredible thoroughness with which she approaches each new commission underpins the innate professionalism that she always demonstrates. Once we share with her the music Eleanor is going to skate to, she analyses the composition in depth, right from the emotional impact of the piece to the context in which it was originally used, including the fashions prevalent when it was written.

She then produces both mood boards and design ideas for an initial discussion with us, and these are refined as we discuss how Eleanor sees herself performing on the ice, so that the finished costume perfectly complements her finished programme.

The dresses are made to the highest quality, with Olga’s skill, flair and expertise always evident. Skating in one of Olga’s designs always makes Eleanor feel special, and she has always maintained that even if she was skating in the Olympics, she would never dream of having anybody else but Olga make her dresses!!

Below are examples of each dress, together with the music that they are associated with and a video clip of Eleanor skating. I think these show better than any words the stunning designs that Olga is capable of delivering!!

Burlesque Ice Skating Costume

Music is a show piece used at Sea World in Florida for one of their shows. Video is Eleanor skating her Short Programme at the British Championships in November 2012.

Ice Skating Costume

Music is from Riverdance. Video is Eleanor skating her Free Programme at the Lombardia Trophy in Italy in September 2012

Ice Skating Costume

Music is from Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Video is Eleanor skating her Short Programme at the Southern IJS Open in March 2013.

Ice Skating Costume

Music is from the film True Lies. Video is Eleanor skating her Free Programme at the British Championships in December 2015.

Ice Skating Costume

Music is from the film Goldfinger. Video is Eleanor skating her Short Programme at the British Championships in December 2015.

Ice Skating Costume

Phil Hayes

My daughter has been skating for seven years and during her competitive skating career from Beginners to Advanced Novice, both she and I have always been delighted with the dresses that Olga has designed and made.

Her professionalism, sport garment knowledge, design skill, tailoring and craftsmanship are superb. She has consistently produced dresses which are stunningly unique, perfectly fitted and suited to my daughter's figure and the style and tempo of her music.

I completely trust Olga's first class skills and have absolutely no hesitation at all in recommending her to other people.

Quality consultation and design drafting
Quality fabrics
Quality fittings and dressmaking
quality finishing and craftmanship

Sue Amphlett

Olga's designs are simply stunning - her wonderful design skills will ensure that you have the perfect ice skating dress.

Olga takes the time to get to know her clients and is able to design a dress that not only fits them perfectly, but matches the music to perfection.

Each dress is packed full of detail and is made to the highest standard. It is an absolute pleasure dealing with Olga!

Alex Godman

We are so happy with the service Olga offered us. She treated us so well and paid attention to every single detail we asked for. She is very thorough in her approach and makes her customers feel special. She's designed and made two of my daughter's dresses and both were exquisite and stunning and made her feel so beautiful and confident on the ice. Both dresses were so unique in design and matched her routine perfectly. I definitely recommend Olga to any of my friends and have full confidence in her ability and creativity.

Noushin Agahi

Olga is a fantastic designer and has designed all my daughter's competition dresses to a very high standard. She is very inventive and uses colours and pattern to accentuate the overall look of the dress. My daughter has loved every single dress Olga has made. We have also had quite a few beautiful catsuits made too. I would not hesitate to recommend Olga - a very professional and friendly lady.

Jane Litherland

Olga made beautiful outfits for my son and daughter. I didn't have any design ideas of my own but this proved to be no issue as Olga designed the outfits to match the pieces of music herself. Her dressmaking was lovely and I was very impressed by the adjustments she made to the outfits as the kids grew.

Yos Zakipour